If you’re looking for affordable lawn care in Gretna, you shouldn’t feel alone. Reliable, consistent, and most importantly affordable lawn care in Gretna can be a tough thing to find. Although most of it is up to the company, there are still some ways you can help yourself out. Here are the best things you can do to try to save yourself a couple of bucks off your landscaping bill:

Picking a Company 

The first thing is obvious, but it is very important, picking the right company can change the price of a quote entirely. A good honest company will not only price your yard correctly but will also cut it well. This is definitely the most important step but is where most people make their first mistakes. Using a reputable and reliable service will definitely go a long way. If you’re having trouble finding a good company, then you can check out our mowing page where you can get more info on us!  

Affordable Lawn Care in Gretna


The next thing would be making your lawn as presentable as possible before your company comes out to quote your lawn. Make sure the yard is maintained in the sense that there isn’t a ton of junk everywhere. Making a reasonable effort to ensure your lawn isn’t a complete mess before someone comes out to look will help with pricing. Something simple even like picking up debris or cleaning up your landscaping can be the difference maker.  Along with this, it is a good idea to try to make sure your yard isn’t overgrown before calling someone. This will lead to a large upcharge for the first mow and might influence a weekly mowing bid as well. Leaving your grass unkempt before calling a service will not help your case. 


The last thing we will mention about affordable lawn care in Gretna is that quick responses and friendly language go a long way with a company. Responding quickly and being a good communicator will prove to the service that you are a serious client. And that will definitely incentivize them to give you the best possible price. Not only can this help to get you affordable lawn care in Gretna, but it will also help to create a solid relationship between you and the company early on. This is definitely a great way to secure yourself affordable lawn care in Gretna. 

Knowing how many square feet your yard is may also help in getting the best price during a quote!

As we stated earlier affordable lawn care in Gretna is out there, you just have to look for it. It can be difficult knowing who to trust and what a fair price is for your specific lawn. If you’re looking for more information about pricing and different lawn types, then check out our “Mowing” section. But just remember that these companies want you as a client just as badly as you want affordable lawn care in Gretna. So, if you play your cards right, it could make a difference in the long run. You can surely try these tricks out on us buy getting a fast and free quote using our insta-quote page!