Elkhorn Lawn Care can be a tricky art to master when dealing with that unpredictable Midwest weather. Whether you are doing it yourself, or have decided to hire a local Elkhorn Lawn Care company, you need to make sure that your lawn is always getting the nutrients and attention that it deserves. Our top 3 keys to successful Elkhorn lawn care are the following:


While It is easy to forget about, fertilizing is a tried and true way to leave your lawn with a constant supply of nutrients. Fertilizing is one of our top Elkhorn lawn care tips for good reason. When done correctly, fertilizing can turbocharge your lawn’s growth. Not only will it increase the health of your grass. But will also help allow grass to come through in those difficult growth places. Doing so not only will give your yard a fuller appearance. But will also take up the open space and leave no room for annoying weeds.


A proper irrigation plan is quite possibly one of the most important elements to maintaining a lush green lawn. Elkhorn Lawn Care starts and ends with a consistent watering system. Getting a sprinkler system, or making a routine plan to get your grass the much-needed water intake, can do wonders for your yard. A dry yard not only looks terrible but can kill off large portions of your yard. Soon to follow will be the growth of pesky weeds, which can grow much better without proper irrigation. Talk to your lawn care company today and set up a plan to get that grass the water it needs.

Cutting Your Grass

One unbelievably overlooked step is simply cutting your grass correctly. Such a simple task can make or break your yard. Cutting your grass too short can scalp your yard and leave spots completely dead. Leaving it too long can cause clumping for your next mow. These clumps can then sit in your grass and block sunlight, oxygen, and even water from getting to the roots of the grass below, thus killing off your yard entirely. Constantly bagging your lawn can have your grass missing out on natural fertilizer from the clippings themselves. It all comes down to understanding the specifics of your lawn and what it needs. An Elkhorn lawn care professional can know exactly what to do just by looking at your yard and can develop a plan to cut your grass in the best way to benefit your lawn.

Elkhorn Lawn Care

As we said, Elkhorn lawn care isn’t easy. But, simply knowing what is right for your yard, and following a few key steps can transform your yard. Whether you want to do it yourself or find an Elkhorn lawn care professional today, the big thing is to make a plan. Set up an irrigation plan, figure out how and when you are going to fertilize and make sure whoever is cutting your grass knows exactly what is best for your lawn. Following these three Elkhorn lawn care tips can have you waking up to a full green lawn tomorrow. If you don’t want to go through all the hassle then quote out our home page where you can find an insta-quote button for all of our services!