What good is giving your yard the nutrients it needs if they can’t reach the roots?

Gretna Lawn Care’s aeration services:


Relieve soil compaction


Increase oxygen intake


Allow your fertilizer to perform to the best of its ability

Allowing these nutrients to reach deep into the roots is the perfect step in transforming your dead grass into a green paradise.

Gretna Aeration Services

from Gretna Lawn Care

What should you expect when Gretna Lawn Care shows up at your property to aerate? Whether it’s a one or two-person crew, one thing should stay the same: a neat and clean-looking crew and equipment. At Gretna Lawn Care we strive to produce the best looking yards by pairing the best machines with the best operators.

When one of our pros shows up at your property, you should expect a quick and professional job so that there is minimal hassle for you, the client. We understand that not everyone wants to spend hours a week on keeping their lawn looking green and healthy, and that’s where we step in. So you can rest assured that whether it’s aerating, mowing, fertilizing, or any of our other services, we will keep a consistent quality of work across the board.

Lawn Aerator Job For Controlling Lawn Thatch and Soil Compaction

Why choose Gretna Lawn Care to handle your aeration service?

Here at Gretna lawn care, we do things a little differently.

Being a local small business, we take pride in always treating the customer’s yard like it is our own. Aeration specifically, when done wrong, can totally damage a yard. Quick turns, high speeds, and lack of attention can result in the quick destruction of a yard. When we say we treat your yard like our own, we mean it. We take our time, don’t cut corners, and make sure to leave a happy customer and a healthy yard.

What’s our crew like?

Here at Gretna Lawn Care, we take particular pride in our employees.

We are a smaller crew of hardworking and passionate people who are gregarious and friendly. We pride ourselves in not only our work but also the way we present ourselves. Between great communication, friendly reminders, and a flexible schedule, we are, to say the least, an easy company to work with.

Some advantages to working with a smaller crew include:

deciduous tree in green brandmark for gretna lawn care

We can control our quality across the board

deciduous tree in green brandmark for gretna lawn care

We are also able to create an amazing relationship with our clients

We believe that a mutually beneficial relationship is the best kind, and we strive to make our services and communication as frictionless as possible for our clients.

view of aeration equipment

What kind of equipment do we use for our aeration services?

From top to bottom, the process of aeration needs to be precise the entire way through.

Each hole created during aeration needs to be clean-cut and should reach about 6-10 inches down. Achieving this doesn’t happen by accident.

One of the biggest variables when aerating is to make sure your equipment is clean, taken care of, and fully serviced. At Gretna Lawn Care, we use top-of-the-line equipment, which gets serviced weekly, to ensure you and your yard have nothing to worry about. Properly managing our equipment is just one of the ways we ensure an effective and safe aeration process.

What makes us different from all the other guys?

It’s more than you may think.

To start, we care more about our relationship client to client. It wouldn’t be uncommon to receive a Christmas card or a monthly text checking up on how we’ve been doing as a service. We like to form positive connections with every single client we take on.

At the end of the day, we want to be a community instead of a corporation.

It starts and ends with the client and no one understands that better than Gretna Lawn Care

Another thing that makes us stand out is our flexibility on schedule. Most large commercial companies are sort of cutthroat when it comes to when your yard is going to be mowed. But if you have a party or a personal obligation, we always do our best to form our schedule to fit yours better. Doing these things and much more has allowed us to become a more connected and a better overall company.

Aerated putting green on golf course - maintenance background

What is all included when you hire Gretna Lawn Care to aerate your lawn?

Most obviously, we aerate.

We make sure to take our time and give the machine a chance to do its job. Aerating can be tough on your lawn if you rush it, but we make sure that we take it slow and leave you with the best product possible. Also once the job is finished, we will blow off any large debris from concrete surfaces. This is just so we don’t leave your property looking unkempt or dirty.

Other than that aerating is really just that: aerating. It is definitely necessary for the success of your lawn and is one of the key steps to a great looking yard.

deciduous tree in green brandmark for gretna lawn care

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