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Check out our price-competitive fertilization service options before you look any further. At Gretna Lawn Care, we take pride in going above and beyond to provide lush green grass alongside our sharp cuts. Your yard needs nutrients more than anything. Professionally done fertilization is the perfect start to bringing in that green grass this year.


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Why do I need to apply fertilizer?

Fertilizer has a couple of different benefits, the first being that it encourages growth. The fertilizer contains different compounds like nitrogen and hydrogen that help your grass grow greener and stronger. It also will help to rid your yard of any unwanted weeds like dandelions and crabgrass. This will help your lawn look more homogenous and neat.

Fertilizing can really help your lawn transform. Whether it’s dead spots, brown grass, or a weedy yard, fertilizer will help to give your lawn that extra boost throughout the entire season. We recommend doing a fertilization treatment a couple of times a year to ensure you get the maximum benefit.

Fertilizer and working gloves on the grass

Why choose Gretna Lawn Care for your fertilization services?

It is simple, really: we are an industry leader in both our quality and customer service.

We strive not only to provide an amazing service at an affordable price but also put emphasis on making the customer happy. We partner great equipment with an experienced and hard-working crew to ensure a consistent and effective result. Fertilizing isn’t the easiest or most fun thing to do and in most cases can just be a pain to do yourself. So give us a try and get a quick and free quote today.

What are our available hours?

We work every day.

We work every day during the spring and summer months and have a very flexible schedule. Our summer hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

For a fertilizing job, you can expect a crew to get out to your property in less than a week of you first contacting us. We want to make sure that we can make time for any circumstance because we understand that sometimes the job needs to get done sooner rather than later.

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What should you expect when you hire Gretna Lawn Care to fertilizer your lawn?

Simplicity and efficiency, for sure.

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Professional crew

The first thing that you should see is a neat, professional crew who is on time and ready to work. The crew will get to work right away to make sure they allow you to be back in your yard as soon as possible.

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A typical fertilizing job shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes in total and will not cause you any hassle at all!

We pride ourselves on taking good care of your lawn with every single service we provide. You should expect nothing but excellence from their Gretna Lawn Care team!

What services are provided when we come to fertilize?

It’s less than you may think.

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deciduous tree in green brandmark for gretna lawn care

Professional equipment

We use great equipment that we totally trust to be able to handle practically any yard.

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Final cleanup

Finally, we will blow off any debris on your concrete surfaces. Whether it was there before or not, we will make sure to leave your property looking better than we found it.

This all helps to ensure a happy customer each and every time we come to your property.

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Who are our operators?

We are a small group of motivated workers coming from all different parts of Nebraska. We are young  but still share a ton of experience between us. We are a well-run business that establishes a great relationship with all of our clients across the board. We pair great equipment with a professional and knowledgeable crew to ensure your lawn is the envy of the neighborhood. We are a great option for any and all of your lawn care needs because we value and stress customer service over all else and offer affordable prices for people in all our supported areas.

deciduous tree in green brandmark for gretna lawn care

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