Here are our top 5 Gretna lawn care tips for transforming your lawn. With these tips from our favorite experts, your lawn should be on the road to recovery in no time! So let’s get started!


One of our top Gretna lawn care steps is to get your yard on a consistent routine of watering. A simple irrigation plan can do wonders for your lawn. Oftentimes we find ourselves relying on mother nature too much to keep our grass healthy. A repeating irrigation plan can prevent the harsh effects of summer droughts and piercing heat. At Gretna lawn care, we recommend watering each part of your yard 2-3 times per week for about 30 minutes. This drastically helps keep your yard in the best growing conditions possible.


Man Fertilizing Green Lawn

One of my favorite Gretna lawn care tips is fertilization. To keep your yard full and green throughout the season, it will need some help. A constantly growing yard needs a surplus of nutrients to keep the growth up. Your grass will naturally produce some nutrients for basic growth but not near what it needs to thrive. Fertilizing can supercharge your Gretna lawn care game and provide your grass with the resources needed to stay full and lush through the entire season. Seeking a professional to create a fertilization plan can be a major step in Transforming your lawn this year.


Edging did not make out the top 5 Gretna Lawn Care tips by mistake. The importance of edging is often overlooked and we wanted to make sure it receives the attention it deserves. Nothing is worse than the shaggy grass overhang of a sidewalk or driveway. Unkempt edges can create a messy and dull look for the entire yard. A sharp edge can transform the curb appeal of your property dramatically. Once the initial edge is put in, maintaining it is the easy part. Taking care of the stray blades hanging over the edge once a week keeps your yard looking sharp and clean. Make sure to follow this up with a blow, get all that debris up and off your driveway/sidewalks. Doing so will keep the look sharp, clean, kept, and will truly transform your lawn. Here at Gretna lawn care, we offer edging to all customers interested, make sure to ask your lawn service about edging today!

Nothing can transform a front yard quite like a good edge!


Arguably one of our most important Gretna lawn care steps is aeration. Aeration is an amazing way to improve the health and quality of your lawn. The process does a perfect job at opening your yard up to extra oxygen, nutrients, and more. Not only that, it helps loosen soil compaction and starts to take on that annoying top layer of thatch (The top layer of soil, made up of dead grass and debris. Thatch prevents new grass from being able to come through the soil freely and can make for a spotty yard). When you take a deeper look at what happens in aeration, the process speaks for itself, which is why we were certain to include it as a key component to our top Gretna lawn care steps.  Hiring a professional to get the aeration process underway can be a monumental step in transforming your lawn.


When building out our favorite Gretna lawn care tips, a simple landscape was a no-brainer. The thought of landscaping can often sound complicated, overwhelming, and expensive. We are here to break that notion, landscaping does not need to spend weeks and costs thousands. A simple flower garden or mulch bed can freshen up the entire look of a property with minimal cost and effort. Something as simple as pulling weeds and laying down fresh mulch can take less than a couple of hours and can spice up your curb appeal dramatically. Here at Gretna lawn care, we take pride in all landscape jobs for our customers from big to small and love seeing how much it can impact the curb appeal of a lawn.

We Can Help!

If you aren’t up for the challenge of taking on your own yard this year, don’t worry. Our customer support line works tirelessly each and every day to ensure that anyone questions, bookings, and new quotes are taken care of. Feel free to leave the dirty work to us and enjoy the results. Turning a yard around is our passion and your yard is no exception. Whenever you are ready, feel free to book your newest Gretna lawn care service today on our Insta-Quote page.