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Tired of cutting the grass yourself? Leave it to us! At Greta Lawn Care we have fine tuned our operation to meet the needs of each and every individual. Every visit you can expect your yard to be


Mowed with perfection


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Edged with precision

Gretna Mowing Service

from Gretna Lawn Care

What should you expect when a Gretna Lawn Care pro shows up at your door? Whether it’s a quote or a scheduled service, there is always one thing that stays consistent: a reliable and gregarious staff.

So don’t be afraid to ask questions, tell them about something special you want done, or to just say hi!

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We have a small number of employees to ensure we can control the quality of our work and to hold each other accountable.

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Every Gretna Lawn Care employee that shows up at your door will be professional in both the work they do and the interactions they have with our clients.

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Why Gretna Lawn Care for your weekly mowing service?

For starters, we do quality work at an affordable price.

We use top-of-the-line equipment and have experienced workers that are eager to make your lawn look the best it can. On top of that, we believe in a family-focused community that is centered on good morals and a strong work ethic. We will shoot you straight and make sure we don’t leave you in the dark. Quality lawn care is what we do but quality customer service is what we strive for. It really is the perfect balance between commercial quality and a small business atmosphere.

So you’ve heard about our crew, but who are we really?

To be honest, it’s a simple answer.

We are a community of people rooted in a strong work ethic. We have two head operators and several lower-level employees (much of whom are related) and this sort of “tight-knit” feel makes for two things:

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Accountability among the whole company

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A friendly, honest, passionate group of guys ready to cut your yard any day of the week

With a flexible and helpful staff you should have no problems with our crew. So now you know what to expect when you call Gretna Lawn Care for your next cut!

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What services are included with a weekly mow?

Our full service consists of four things.

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A clean cut

Nice stripes and the perfect height are to be expected with our mows. And, of course, consistency is key! If you like what you see, we’ll do the same thing week after week.

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An even trim

This can often be overlooked, but a clean and even trim can really tie a yard together.

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A sharp edge

Expect a sharp edge between your yard and any concrete surface. This will really make your lawn pop and give it a fresh look every single week.

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Clean concrete surfaces

We clean up by blowing off all of your concrete surfaces. This ensures we get rid of any debris from mowing or any other plant matter that was there before.

This system of services is the perfect way to provide a consistent, beautiful lawn.

What makes us different from all the other guys?

It’s more than you may think.

To start, we care more about our relationship client to client. It wouldn’t be uncommon to receive a Christmas card or a monthly text checking up on how we’ve been doing as a service. We like to form positive connections with every single client we take on.

At the end of the day, we want to be a community instead of a corporation.

It starts and ends with the client and no one understands that better than Gretna Lawn Care

Another thing that makes us stand out is our flexibility on schedule. Most large commercial companies are sort of cutthroat when it comes to when your yard is going to be mowed. But if you have a party or a personal obligation, we always do our best to form our schedule to fit yours better. Doing these things and much more has allowed us to become a more connected and a better overall company.

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When can you expect us to typically mow your yard?

Our schedule for weekly mowing services usually is between Monday and Friday.

We like to keep weekends open just in case of bad weather, other projects, or anything else that might push a yard or two back. It is pretty typical for us to mow as early as 8 a.m. and as late as 8 p.m., but if you request a specific time we can usually make a slight change in our schedule to better fit your accommodations.

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