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Why do we love Gretna so much?

To put it simply, Gretna is the perfect hometown, filled with wonderful people. 

Providing our services to the wonderful people of Gretna, Nebraska, truly is our pride and joy. There is something about Gretna that just feels like home, no matter what service we are providing. Whether you are in Gretna, or simply around it, we are always more than happy to extend our services your way.

From the mouth-watering Kettle Korn at Vala’s Pumpkin Patch to the glistening waters at Chalco Lake, and everything in between, there’s just nothing like Gretna. We always appreciate everyone and everything that Gretna has to offer.

Holy Family Shrine in Gretna, Nebraska

In addition to being a locally owned business, we also operate as a team. In fact, every member of our team believes in what we do and has a vested interest in keeping Gretna’s standards high. We believe that the customer is happier with a high-quality service that is performed by an individual who cares. This results in a healthier lawn, a happier service provider, and a happier customer.

What makes us different from other Gretna lawn service guys?

Being able to provide a quality service for our home roots is a driving factor for our passion and drive each and every day. At Gretna Lawn Care, we take a lot of pride in being a local small business. From the final touches of a fall cleanup to putting maximum effort into each and every mowing visit, we look to provide unmatched attention to detail in the lawn care space.

Not only do we look to provide a quality service, we also take pride in being an affordable service. We are constantly comparing our pricing with those of our competitors to make sure we are consistently offering a competitive rate for each of our services. Being a locally-owned small business, affordability means a lot to us. Everyone deserves the ability to receive quality lawn care without breaking the bank.

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Looking for a Gretna lawn service?

Support a small business and help Keep your Green in Gretna! When you shop locally, you’re helping your community and strengthening the economy. ¬†Gretna rooted businesses need your support to succeed. If we want them to survive and grow, we must support them whenever possible. Next time you’re getting groceries, going out to eat, or choosing a lawn service, make sure to think about your locally owned options first!