Landscaping in Elkhorn, and across the mid-west, can totally change the exterior aesthetic of your home. A quick landscape project can make your house both stand out and freshen up the look of your property. Here at Gretna Lawn Care, we have created a three step list to freshen up your landscaping in Elkhorn. 

Add Mulch

This is probably the easiest and quickest way to totally transform any flower bed or walkway. In our experience, clients are usually blown away by the drastic change fresh mulch can make. It can make old flowerbeds look new and lively while providing great contrast between your green lawn and house. This also serves as the perfect foundation for new plants or flowers. If you are looking to freshen up your landscaping in Elkhorn, this is a great place to start. 

Fresh mulch can instantly transform your home’s curb appeal!

Plant New Shrubs/Flowers

Whether you’re looking for a fresh start, or you just need a freshen up of your current plants, then this tip is for you. Adding a pop of color with flowers and budding shrubbery can really make your house pop against the others in the neighborhood. While it might require a bit more maintenance, lively plants make all the difference in improving your landscaping in Elkhorn. Also planting small trees or bushes can add another element of texture to your home. We recommend this especially for any dark color siding or brick homes. It will make your home look elegant and inviting especially when it is used in a walkway leading up to your door. This is just another easy way to transform your landscaping in Elkhorn and other surrounding areas. 

Create Rock Features

This final tip is certainly the most expensive and will probably take the most time to install, but it is definitely worth it. Rock goes with pretty much every style of home and can really add another element to your exterior. Landscaping in Elkhorn is all about keeping it simple and classy while still making it a unique look. Rock features can range from a simple rock ring around a tree or flower bed, to a whole new walkway leading up to your door or porch. Rock is timeless, durable, and definitely in vogue, and is probably the best way to transform your landscaping in Elkhorn because of these reasons. 

Leave It To Us

Whether you’re looking to make a slight change with a simple mulch job, or want to go big with a new rock feature, we are here for you. Here at Gretna Lawn Care we want to take your landscaping dreams and make them a reality. Landscaping in Elkhorn can be a hard thing to do right, but we promise to do every job like it’s our own. Because whether it’s set in stone (or mulch), we understand the importance of your exterior aesthetic. Interested in booking your landscaping needs with us today? Head over to our Insta-Quote page to get started!