Landscaping in Gretna is a great way to make your property pop! Not only does it offer a lot of opportunities for foliage and plants, but a contrasting mulch will really cause some contrast between your house and your yard. Between mulch, new flower beds, and bold perennials landscaping in Gretna is definitely in vogue, and will be for some time to come. Here are our 3 best ways to make the most out of your property this spring: 

A great way to improve your curb appeal before selling a home is by freshening up your landscaping!


Adding mulch to new or existing flower beds can really cause some great contrast for your home. Putting a dark brown or black mulch against a brick house gives your property a rustic vibe. You can totally make it your own too, remember, there are no rules when it comes to landscaping in Gretna. Remember that there are a lot of different options. Between red, black, brown, and espresso mulch, or even landscape rock like lava rock or river rock. It all depends on your personal style and your budget, but keep in mind this may be your landscaping for a while. If you want more info on what you can do or if you need help, then check out our landscaping page for assistance! 

Landscaping in Gretna


For those of you who don’t know, perennials are plants of shrubs that come back each year. They are great for low maintenance landscaping that can also add a bit of color to your exterior. Landscaping in Gretna can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. If you want to throw some hostas down just to fill the room that is totally fine. Or you can get more complex with flowering shrubs that will be sure to give you that edge this spring. If you’re wondering where to start then check out some of our favorite sites for finding and ordering flowers. 

Planting Trees 

Trees can be a slippery slope to be on at times. They are definitely the most expensive and probably require the most work upfront. But they definitely have some great positives. They can totally transform your yard to looking like a more mature property, and depending on what kind of tree you choose you can get the benefits of fruits or shade over time. Your landscaping in Gretna can be completely changed to whatever you want it to be, and planting trees is a great way to switch things up. 


All of these tips will help to transform your property over the course of this spring. By adding color, contrast, and foliage you are sure to make your neighbors jealous with any of these methods. If you’re interested in getting a quote for any of your landscaping needs then check out our landscaping page where you will find all of our info and an insta-quote feature!