Investing in your landscaping in Omaha has many advantages. It will not only improve the exterior aesthetic of your home, but it can even help to boost the evaluation of your property. In addition to this, good landscaping practices will help to ensure the long term health of your lawn by preventing erosion and helping with drainage. Landscaping in Omaha is one of the best ways to improve your property quickly and fairly affordably, but where should you start? 

Flower beds 

This may seem like a no brainer. But it seems like more and more folks are neglecting their flower beds by either leaving them dry and un-mulched, or by letting the plants wither away in the hot summer sun. Landscaping in Omaha, especially mulch, acts as a sort of protective layer for your plants. The mulch will soak up the heat and help to filter water down to the plants roots. And it does all this while preventing the erosion of dirt from the beds themselves. So if your beds are bare, you may want to think about adding mulch this spring. As far as the actual plants in the beds go, we recommend keeping it simple. Adding a pop of color with Peonies is a great option if you’re starting out with landscaping in Omaha. These are a low maintenance and colorful flower that will be a great addition to any flower bed. 

Flowers can be one of the easiest ways to freshen up your front lawn!

Retaining Walls

Landscaping in Omaha is nearly impossible if your dirt is constantly eroding with rain, wind, and snow. Retaining walls may be necessary in some places to keep the dirt in place, and create a natural break in the lawn. Landscaping in Omaha is all about the basics, and without dirt, you don’t stand a chance. Don’t be mistaken, retaining walls can be aesthetically pleasing if done correctly. The contrast between your retaining wall and your bright green grass can create a great look for your front lawn. The trick is to pick a brick color that goes well with your house and complements your property. 

Landscaping in Omaha Nebraska

Weed Control

We totally get it, no one wants to spend a Saturday afternoon picking and plucking at the seemingly endless amount of weeds in and around their yard. But it is definitely a necessary evil. Your plants and flowers will be losing out on water and key nutrients if your garden is simply over run by pesky weeds. Landscaping in Omaha can be difficult because of the temperate climate that weeds thrive in. But if you dedicate a little time here and there to the upkeep of your flower beds and gardens, then it will pay off dividends. Landscaping in Omaha is all about the details, and this is definitely one of them. 

Keeping up with your landscaping in Omaha plays a huge role in the curb appeal of your home. So why not invest in your property and give these tips a try. If you need any help or simply don’t have the time, then get out our insta-quote page to get a fast and free quote today! Don’t forget about your landscaping in Omaha, trust us it’s worth the effort !