Do you have a lawn that just doesn’t seem to be as lush and green as it used to be? Or maybe your yard is full of weeds and crabgrass. If this sounds like your situation, then lawn aeration in Omaha might be your next step to a lush lawn! With our aeration services, we’ll take care of the dirty work so you can enjoy your newly revitalized yard! 

What Is aeration? Why Do I Need it?

Lawn aeration plugs are created with special equipment that pulls soil plugs from the turf area about 2 inches deep every 6-10 inches. Lawn aeration in Omaha is essential for any type of grass to develop strong roots, which can reduce or even prevent moss growth and thatch. Thatch is a harmful layer of organic matter that builds up between the soil and your grass blades. Lawn aeration in Omaha can open up these tough layers so that water and fertilizer can get to the root system where they’re needed. Aeration also breaks apart heavy clay soils and makes them more permeable so nutrients and water can sink into the soil quicker.

Lawn Aeration in omaha Our Lawn Aeration process saves you a lot of time and hassle compared to doing it yourself. Our aeration is done with precision to make sure each whole is evenly spaced across your yard.  Lawn aerating can also save you time in the long run by preventing many other lawn problems before they ever start. Spending your green with Gretna Lawn Care will guarantee that you receive the best results.

The Benefits Of Aeration

When we aerate your lawn, our goal is to create as many small holes as possible so that they are evenly distributed throughout the yard. These tiny openings in the soil allow water and nutrients to reach the grassroots. It also makes it easier for lawnmowers, garden tools, and fertilizers to get throughout the entire area. Lawn Aeration in Omaha also reduces moss growth, prevents disease, and minimizes soil compaction. Lawn aeration will make your lawn thrive due to the increased air and water intake. This allows more photosynthesis to take place which creates that deep green color that we all love and strive for! Lawn aeration truly is one of the most important things you can do for your lawn in Omaha. Aerating your lawn the right way will keep your grass looking nice and healthy all year long! 

Aeration can supercharge your lawns growth more than anything!

Why Aerate With Gretna Lawn Care?

Gretna Lawn Care is Omaha’s favorite aeration specialist. By offering an exceptional quality service, we can ensure that both you and your lawn are taken care of. We offer professional, flexible scheduling because we understand that you’re busy like us! What does this mean? Our schedule allows for a multitude of different times and dates to ensure we can make it to your yard sooner rather than later! We know how hectic life can get so we always do our best to accommodate our customers’ schedules! Head to our site today to begin scheduling your much-needed lawn aeration in Omaha!

When it comes to maintaining your lawn, there are many ways you can help keep it healthy and green. Aeration truly is one of the best methods. Visit our website today to schedule lawn aeration in Omaha, Elkhorn, or Gretna at a time that works with your schedule. We look forward to hearing from you soon! 

Any other questions? Feel free to head to our customer support page and ask away!