So, you’re ready to give up the reins to your yard but don’t know who provides the best lawn care in Gretna Ne? Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place, we’ve got all your answers. To put it simply, Gretna Lawn Care is going to be your standalone best option for all of your lawn care. From cleanups and mulching, to fertilizer and mowing, we’ve got you covered. Gretna Lawn Care provides all of their services at a competitive rate while keeping quality high. One of the most important parts in providing the best lawn care in Gretna Ne is being versatile. With dozens of available services, Gretna Lawn Care is more than just that. Each of our services are easy to book, cheap, and done right. Our top services are mowing, fertilizing, aeration, cleanups, over seeding, and mulching.


The mowing crews at Gretna Lawn Care have been trained to perfection. Routines are constantly being tweaked in order to provide the quickest, most efficient service. Doing so allows us to provide the easiest, and cheapest service to each of our lovely customers. Every piece of equipment on the rigs are top of the line and get inspected weekly to ensure that your lawn is getting only the best treatment. The entire mowing process is done with precision from start to finish. Trimming, edging, mowing, and even blowing off clippings are done thoroughly to make sure that your lawn leaves your neighbors in awe. A typical mowing visit to your lawn takes from 20-25 minutes start to finish. This is as fast as we can manage, without being in a rush. This ensures that you never have to work around your next mow.


Your front lawn is much more like a human than one might think. It needs nutrients, food, water, sunlight, and love to thrive. So why hire professional level lawn mowing, if you’re gonna deprive your lawn of the nutrients it needs to grow? To receive the best lawn care in Gretna NE, giving your lawn what it needs is a crucial step. We have found that a 6-step fertilizer program is the most effective version, which is what we offer. Six separate simple, quick, and affordable visits can take your lawn from nothing to perfect green in just one season. All of the fertilizers and supplies used are bought straight from the suppliers to insure a safe, fast, and affordable experience for our Gretna Fertilizing customers.


Aeration is a key component in keeping your yard healthy. Increasing the oxygen and nitrogen in your lawn is going to be your main reason for using aeration. An increase in oxygen and nitrogen allows nutrients into your soil easier and gives them a chance to work their magic! Aeration is most useful in the late fall and early spring months. Anyone who is serious about their lawn care in Gretna Ne should be sure that they are aerating. Typical aeration rates range from 75-100 dollars. This is a very affordable one step way to keep your lawn in tip top shape. At Gretna Lawn Care we make sure to use top of the line equipment and trained professionals to ensure that your lawn isn’t damaged in the process. Bad equipment paired with inexperienced workers can leave your lawn a mess. When the time comes, fill out your free quote!


Lawn care in Gretna Ne is never complete without a few cleanups every year. Our team offers cleanups year round, prices simply depend on how much work needs to be done. A cleanup might sound unnecessary, but can truly save you from a bigger job in the future. Simple things such as trimming back bushes and re-defining all edges on your property can save you from an ugly overgrown lawn. No two cleanups are the same, our team is ready to personalize every visit to the customers specific needs. Head to the “insta-quote” page on our website today to book your fall/spring cleanups!


Overseeding is a pivotal step for your lawn care in Gretna NE. Doing so can be a great solution to a bare yard. Even if your lawn seems full, you still want overseeding! A true Gretna lawn is almost never full, the constant weather changes are very strenuous on your grass. Getting in a habit of overseeding can ensure that your lawn is protected from a dry spell, long winter, and more. What most don’t realize is that old grass doesn’t germinate the same as the fresh blades. Without overseeding your lawn is at a constant decline whether you like it or not. Old worn out lawns are also much more susceptible to disease, weeds, and uninvited insects. Not to mention, overseeding is very inexpensive and is of no harm to your lawn. Head to the “insta-quote” page to book your overseeding today!