Lawn care in Omaha can be a confusing and arduous task. But here at Gretna Lawn Care we have just about seen and heard it all. Between spotty or dead lawns to overgrowth and clumping grass, we have tips for just about every problem. There are some questions that we hear frequently, however. Because these are so common, we figured we would just write them down to help you create the best lawn care experience possible right in your own backyard! Here are the three most common we hear:

Water Issues

It’s a classic folks, possibly the most common roadblock between fabulous lawn care in Omaha and not. We hear it all the time, “Why is my lawn slowing down in the summer?” Although the answer is simple, you would be shocked at how many people don’t realize it. The solution is water. Now, just because you need water to sustain significant growth throughout the year doesn’t mean that you need to spend thousands on a fancy irrigation system. It is expensive and honestly can be a bit of a headache at times. Buying a $20 sprinkler off of Amazon and sticking to a consistent watering schedule will work just fine. We usually recommend watering three times a week for about 25 minutes per spot, although this may change depending on your grass species. Be careful to give your lawn enough time to dry out before mowing it, however. Too much water and not enough time can cause your mower to erode and destroy your lawn.


The next question we are always getting is, “why is the grass clumping up after you cut it?” As a lawn care professional, this can be a frustrating question. And the answer isn’t as simple as it may seem, because it could be a couple of different things. But to achieve great lawn care in Omaha, you have to be careful to avoid overgrowth of your lawn. Practically all lawn care companies will show up on a weekly basis. This is quite a bit of time to give a lawn in terms of growth. So over watering and aggressive fertilizers can put your lawn companies in a pinch and cause your grass to clump in the mowers. Time is money in the lawn care industry. So it is a mutually destructive thing for your grass to grow to quickly before your company shows up. It will leave your lawn clumped up causing dead spots and build up. And it will cause your company to absolutely despise your property and most likely drop you. So if you’re wondering why your lawn has clumps especially in the spring months then make sure you are not overgrowing your lawn


Finally, this is perhaps the most common one from a lawn care company’s perspective. Lawn Care in Omaha is all about how the lawn looks. So we hear this about 20 times a year, “why doesn’t our lawn stripe as nice as the ones in the pictures?” That is a fair question, don’t get me wrong. But the answer probably isn’t as satisfying as you were hoping. Most lawns with heavier mowers will stripe fairly well. But some types of grass just don’t stripe as well. When we talk about lawn care in Omaha, most yards will take to striping about as well as a yard can. But if it isn’t, then I almost guarantee you there is almost nothing that your company can do to change that. Equipment is only a part of it and then operating is another factor. If you have defined stripes but they are wavy or not very aesthetic. Then you should talk to your company about who is operating that mower and if they can do better.

Lawn care in Omaha looks easier than it is sometimes. A good company will work quickly and efficiently and will be happy to answer any question you may have. But you almost must realize, as a client, that small things matter to your company. Things like picking up toys or objects in the backyard can make someone’s day. If you are looking to get a quote for a company that will leave you with no questions, then check out our quote page today to get a price!