Lawn care in Omaha can be a difficult art to master. Some are things you can’t change, but fortunately, there is plenty you can do to make sure that you have “The grass that’s always greener”.

Here are our top 3 steps to green grass in Omaha:

Do The Little Things

Mowing your grass correctly and effectively will save your back and your lawn. Lawn care in Omaha can be difficult at times due to the inconsistent weather conditions, seasonal changes, and everything in between. For starters, if you are cutting more than 1 ½  inches off your grass, it would be a good idea to bag to avoid major clumping or even scalping your lawn. If you are cutting less than an inch from the top of your grass then we recommend mulching your grass. Doing so makes for an easier mow and even acts as a natural fertilizer for your lawn. 

Eliminate the Competition

Lawn care in Omaha is all about limiting competition with other weeds and plants for nutrients and territory. To give your grass the best shot, it is going to need all the nutrients it can get. Pulling or spraying for weeds can do a lot to ensure that your lawn is 100% grass and leaves no room for weeds to poke through. Lawn care in Omaha is all about keeping the competition out and keeping the green in. 

Give Your Grass What it Needs

Aeration and fertilization are huge components of a healthy lawn. Omaha tends to naturally produce pretty fertile soil. But, going above and beyond with aeration and fertilizing can take your yard to the next level. Lawn care in Omaha is all about giving your lawn the right attention. Doing these two things at least twice a year can completely transform your yard. Pair this with a consistent watering schedule and you’ll have the perfect “Lawn Cocktail” and will leave your neighbors jealous.

Lawn care in Omaha can be a difficult art to master. However, using these tips and tricks, you can have your dream lawn in no time. Do your lawn a favor this season with these 3 simple steps. Remember these three things next time your yard looks brown, weed-infested, or spotty, and take control of your lawn. Who would’ve guessed, lawn care in Omaha truly does start with, well, the right amount of care.

Great Lawn Care

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