Lawn companies in Gretna carry around a few tricks of the trade. If you’ve ever wondered how the pros get their clients’ lawn to look so good, then look no further. We are here to expose our favorite industry secrets. These are things you may want to think about next time you get ready to mow your lawn. 

Striping Your Lawn

Lawn companies in Gretna do their best to put nice straight stripes on your lawn every week. But, changing the direction of your stripes may mean more to the long term health of your lawn than you think. You should change the direction in which you mow at least every other week. This will help give your lawn a nice checkerboard pattern and it will help to spread the clippings in a different direction so that that natural fertilizer is spread everywhere. Lawn companies in Gretna do a great job of keeping their clients’ yards as healthy as possible by utilizing this tip. If you want to learn more about keeping a healthy yard, feel free to check our Top 3 steps to Green Grass. Feel free to ask your lawn service about changing your stripe patterns!

Lawn Company Mowing in Gretna

Should You Bag Clippings?

It is definitely tempting to bag your clippings every week, it looks better and reduces any build up in your lawn. But those clippings serve a purpose that you may not know about. Those clippings are actually a natural fertilizer. After they decompose in your lawn they supply the grass roots with nitrogen, a key nutrient in long term growth. Lawn companies in Gretna and across the country will tell you that it is imperative to mulch your grass when you can. Although there is sometimes when it’s necessary to bag your lawn clippings, we recommend avoiding this if at all possible. 

Should You Mow More Than Once?

Lawn companies in Gretna may be tight-lipped about this tip. As we said in the previous tip, it is important to mulch your lawn when possible, but if your lawn clipping starts to clump together while you’re mowing, that may be a problem. If the clippings are too clumped together then they won’t be able to break down and decompose, which will leave dead spots in your lawn. If you notice this is happening every once in a while then going over your lawn twice with the same deck height may be your best option. This will break up the clumps and make your lawn look much more attractive. Lawn companies in Gretna will do this occasionally, but if they do they will mow perpendicular to their original cut, as to give the lawn that pleasing checkerboard pattern.

Lawn clippings are an amazing source of nutrients for your lawn!

Leave It To Us

Lawn companies in Gretna use these tricks of the trade on a daily basis to give their clients the best looking cut week after week. You can use these tips to not only leave your lawn looking clean and professional, but also for the long term health of your grass. If you want to learn more about how to maintain a healthy lawn, feel free to check our our top 3 keys to a healthy yard. If you need help or just don’t want to deal with the weekly hassle of mowing your lawn, then give us a chance. We promise to provide a top quality cut with every visit and pair that with our wonderful and friendly staff. When your ready, head to our insta-quote page to start booking your new services!