There are too many lawn companies in Omaha to count. From the big big guys all the way down to a one man show, there is plenty of diversity in this space. For you to be able to understand what you need and what type of service is going to fit you best, you’ll have to ask yourself a couple questions. Here are our top 3 “before I get a quote” questions you should be asking yourself. 


Number one is obvious, what services are you interested in getting? If you’re looking for a one stop shop with someone who can mow, fertilize, and aerate (like we do here at Gretna Lawn Care). Then that is something you want to think about before choosing a company. It is nice having one company do everything because it keeps the quality consistent. Also you will be dealing with the same people the whole time and won’t have to worry about keeping up with multiple companies. If you want to learn more about the services we offer, click here

Company Type 

The next thing you have to ask yourself is if you want to get a large commercial company, or hire a smaller operation. With lawn companies in Omaha it is important to keep in mind this difference. A large company may have hundreds of clients and they could be mowing 20-30 yards a day! So you may just be another name on the list to them. But these companies will provide solid and consistent quality since they have so much volume they usually have good systems put in place for making your lawn look nice. A smaller company will definitely provide a bit more of a personal touch. They will also probably be more open to special suggestions and will be more flexible on scheduling and things like that. This is definitely something to think about when choosing from one of the lawn companies in Omaha. 

Personal Specifications 

Lastly, you’ll have to take into account your yards specification. If you have a tight backyard that a larger mower may not be able to fit into this may affect some companies. Also if you have a section of your lawn that stays wet throughout a large part of the season, then you will have to use a lighter mower to cut this section. To get more info on how we cut yards check out this article. 

Make sure to ask the company you are working with what their mowing service includes!

Lawn companies in Omaha do a great job of keeping everyone’s properties in order. But there are definitely a couple things you need to consider before you call someone out for a quote. It’s important to know what you need as a client and the capabilities of the company you are dealing with. Going through these three questions before calling a company could save both sides a lot of headaches. If you are looking to get a quote for your lawn in Omaha, Elkhorn, or Gretna, then click here to check out our website!