How do the lawn mowing services in Omaha do it? Keeping your lawn looking perfect all season long is no easy task. For some, however, paying for a service just isn’t in the cards. But if you are in amazement of your neighbors lawn, here are three tips to keep up this spring: 

Trim Your Lawn 

Trimming is a commonly overlooked step in your weekly mowing routine. But good lawn mowing service in Omaha will do a great job of making your lawn pop with a solid trim. Make sure not to trim too short or too tall, leave it at the same height you are going to be mowing. This will ensure a seamless cut between your edges and your main yard. Leaving your corners and edges uncut throughout the season will lead to a messy looking lawn. If you’re interested in learning how to improve your trimming technique, check out this article. 

Make sure to check if your trimmer requires a mic fuel, with oil and gas, or just straight up gasoline.


Now this is a big one. Edging is a somewhat tedious task and that is one of the reasons it is so overlooked. But this is how lawn mowing services in Omaha make your lawn really stand out. Edging provides a great contrast between your lawn and the concrete surfaces. It will always help your lawn look sharp and put together even with a messy cut. Edging can be done with a trimmer or an edging attachment, either will work and both are good options. If you’re committed to improving your yard this summer, I would start with this tip! 

Lawn Mowing Services in Omaha

Sharp Blades

Oftentimes we use the same mower and the same blades season after season. And for the first couple seasons you may not see much of a problem. But trust us, dull blades will cause you plenty of headaches. They leave a rough cut on your yard and lay down a lot of thatch. In addition, dull blades will put a lot of stress on your mowers, and your legs. We recommend sharpening your blades twice every season to ensure you keep them sharp! If this isn’t all clicking for you, then check out our mowing page to find other tips and articles about this topic! 


Keeping these three things in mind this season will be a game changer. Not only will it improve the aesthetic of your lawn, but it will also improve the health and longevity. You can definitely keep your lawn looking professionally done with residential equipment. But if this all sounds like too much of a hassle for you, then check out our insta-quote page to get a price today!