Many mowing services in Elkhorn do a great job of staying on top of their clients. But are they really covering all the bases? Sometimes companies will try to cut corners by rushing through yards or not doing all the services that they should be providing. If you’re not sure here are three things they should be doing every visit: 


Every mowing service in Elkhorn should be doing a weekly trim at your property. This will do a couple things for your lawn. First, it will ensure that the areas of your lawn that butt up against your fences, decks, or the side of your house are getting mowed. Sometimes the mowers can’t get in those tight areas and they will become very overgrown throughout the year. A good mowing service in Elkhorn will also recognize that it will actually help them to mow your lawn faster. By giving themselves a good outline of your property, they can quickly maneuver their mowers to cut your grass quicker. A good trim really is the mark of all professional mowing services in Elkhorn. Remember, the importance of trimming your lawn should never be overlooked.


Something that will set a good service apart from a great service is a sharp and clean edge. Mowing services in Elkhorn usually do a solid job of keeping that edge straight throughout the year. But, if your service doesn’t do this on a weekly basis then you may not be getting your money’s worth. Mowing services in Elkhorn can really set themselves apart from each other with this simple but impactful detail. Edging just happens to also be on our top 5 steps to transform your lawn. 

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Lastly, all mowing services in Elkhorn should be blowing off all concrete services after they have mowed. Leaving your property look better then they found it should be every services top priority. This is often overlooked by most mowing services in Elkhorn. But, it definitely goes a long way in leaving your property looking professional and neat after a mow. It can really tie a whole yard together and should be done after every visit. 

Loose debris on your pavement can often make your property look dirty and out of control. A quick blowing off of your clippings and such is a great way to keep your lawn looking clean and sharp.

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Whether you have a service or are looking for a new one, we hope this list will give you some direction on what to expect from these quality lawn mowing services in Elkhorn. If you want to know how the pros do it, then check out our services page, where you can find additional info and get an insta-quote for this upcoming season!