So, you’ve finally decided to stop doing the lawn yourself. Your ready to hand your back pain off to a local mowing service to take care of your lawn needs. We suggest you take a look at this article before going any further. We have compiled our top things to look in all the great mowing services in Omaha.


As with most things, the first thing that you are probably thinking about is how bad this ones gonna hurt the pockets. Luckily, most mowing services in Omaha tend to offer pretty reasonable and competitive pricing! You can expect to pay anywhere from thirty-five to fifty dollars a cut for a standard sized yard in the area. Make sure to keep in mind, price and quality do not always go hand in hand. Side jobs, such as mulching, cleanups, and various landscaping jobs, should be quoted in person. There should be complete transparency between the company, and the consumer, about the price breakdown, and where their money is going. Anything less can be a red flag and can lead to corners being cut in order to squeeze out extra profits, at the sake of your lawn.

Proof Of Work

Before booking any new mowing services in Omaha, make sure they do a good job. The last thing you need is to spend the money on a service, only to receive bad work! There are many different ways to verify a company’s ability to provide stellar care. Things like reviews and photos should be readily available for you as the customer. Never hesitate to ask your lawn service for these things before sending your money off with them.

Did you know: Gretna Lawn Care Facebook page is filled with images of our beautiful work!


The best thing a company can do, is ensure that your yard is treated with precision and care. One of the biggest factors in the ability to do this, is through equipment. A lawn rigs equipment can say a lot about what kind of a service they are providing. Things like dull blades, dirty rigs, and rust mowers can be a red flag when deciding on a company. Your lawn service should be on a routine maintenance schedule for every last piece of equipment. A machine not running properly could damage your grass, leave spots on your pavement, and more. Most mowing services in Omaha do a good job at this, but a quick double check could save your lawn from disaster.

Mowing Service in omaha

Leave It to us

Finally, you know what to look for and your ready to decide on a company. We can speak for the other mowing services in Omaha, but we can ensure that these three things are taken with top priority here at Gretna Lawn  Care. Our services are worry free, and provide and smooth and stress free experience for the customer. To get your needs booked today, head over to our “insta-quote” page to get started.