The enemy of beautiful Omaha lawn care is spotty and dead grass. It is probably one of the most common blemishes on otherwise gorgeous properties. Hot and dry summer months can cripple a property and turn it from green to brown. And bad mowing practice or damage to your lawn can cause huge craters of dirt in the middle of your grass. Both of these things are preventable and treatable; you just need to know what you’re looking at. So here are our top 3 tips to fix that dead or spotty lawn this season!


You can’t have phenomenal Omaha lawn care without the right seed. Overseeding is a process where you use a spreader to broadcast grass seed across your whole lawn. This will help do a couple things for you throughout the year. One, it will help your lawn fill in in the main yard. Two, it will help patch up big dead spots if you have any. Make sure to pay special attention to these spots as well and water them if you go through a dry spell. Usually overseeding takes place during the spring or fall months. If you’re wondering what kind of grass you have in your yard, then check out this site to help find the right kind of seed.


Aeration is another great tool to use if your lawn is struggling to fill out or stay green. It allows your lawn to breathe by taking small plugs out of your lawn. This allows oxygen to reach the roots more easily and reduces competition. This is a great tool to use if you’re looking to one up your neighbors in Omaha lawn care. Aeration will also typically take place in the spring and fall months and can usually cost anywhere between $100-$200 depending on the size of your lawn.


When it comes to Omaha lawn care in the summer months, water is king. Late June through September is the dry season, and depending on the year, it can be extremely dry. Irrigation is the most expensive treatment on this list but it is also probably the most beneficial. But you don’t need a fancy sprinkler system to get water to your grass. A cheap lawn sprinkler like this one from Amazon would work perfectly as long as you move it around your lawn for maximum coverage. Irrigation will be a game changer if your lawn looks dead and brown as the summer months start to take their toll on your lawn.

There it is, folks! It really can be that easy. Omaha lawn care is all about the details. There are always ways to improve, but we would definitely look to these three treatments first if you’re dealing with dead or spotty grass. If you have been doing the same techniques for years and have seen minimal results then look to adapt. Try new treatments and consult your local professionals. If this sounds like no fun to you, then check out our quote page to find out what we can help you with this season!