It can be difficult to separate yourself from the hundreds of other Omaha mowing services, but it is possible. There are certain things you can do from customer service to creating advertising campaigns that will help give you an edge. You don’t have to lowball either, there is a myth out there that the best price is the cheapest and that just isn’t true. Here are our best three tips on how to start and grow your lawn company in Omaha.


It is important to remember that everyone starts with zero clients. And those first few are going to be the hardest. To secure your first couple of clients you’re going to have to think out of the box. Starting with your friends, neighbors, or family is always a good way to get things going. If that doesn’t work then turn to social media. Facebook groups or the app Nextdoor are always breeding grounds for good work. Spend some time writing a good pitch that is concise and also reusable. Don’t make the mistake of spending a ton of money on low-quality ads. Especially when you are first starting, it is important to try and do everything as cost-effectively as possible. Going door to door is another way to generate a good client base. One of the advantages to this is the clients you do get will all be in the same neighborhood. As your business grows you will come to realize the importance of density. A downside to this is it can be the time and energy it takes. I’ll be honest, you’ll get a lot of no’s. But the people who do say yes can be the thing that gets you going. These two strategies are popular but they are tried and true. Every chance you get, tell people that you’re going into business. Whether it’s filling up your car at the gas pump or having a casual conversation with your relatives, it is important to get your name out there. Like I said before, those first couple of clients will be your hardest. So if you feel discouraged remember that this is an uphill battle, and it will get easier with Omaha mowing services.


Don’t be that guy that comes in with a lowball on every property. This is bad for two main reasons. Number one, it shows the customer that you are more worried about getting the business than doing a good job. People will see this as unprofessional and won’t trust your abilities. Number two, by the end of the season it is almost a guarantee that you will be upset at yourself for pricing the yard too low. If you can’t do a property for a fair price then it’s better to not do it at all. There are plenty of people out there that are very willing to pay a premium for quality. Before you price a property try to estimate how long it will take you and if there are any special obstacles that the yard presents. Then decide what you want to be making per hour when you are on the job. To start 60/hour is a good place. That may seem high but for many, that is what their time is worth. You want to hold strong on this price as well. The customer may give you some push back but dropping your price even five dollars a cut can put a dent in your profits throughout the year. So find a fair price that you’re willing to do it for and stick to it. The other factor you have to consider is what type of quality you can provide. If you’re starting with a push more and don’t want to edge then you may have to price it for less than some of the bigger companies. If you sink a bunch of cash into an expensive rig then make sure you’re charging accordingly. You can make money with both but you have to understand your circumstance and how you compare to other Omaha mowing services.

Only a fool would lowball himself


If people are going to hire you, they need to find you first. Making t-shirts, branding a truck, and printing business cards are just a few ways to get your name out there. Branding is so important because it gives your business credibility. Omaha mowing services are all fighting for the same demographic of clientele so solid branding can set you apart from the rest. We recommend taking some time to develop a good logo and maybe even a slogan to compliment your company. You might be surprised how many clients you can get from wearing your company’s sweatshirt or someone passing your truck in a parking lot and saving the phone number. If you don’t know where to start we recommend sites like 4imprint that can help you design and print your products. As your company grows you will need to up your brand image to stay relevant. It can be expensive at times but it will always pay off in the long run.

With those three tips, you should be well on your way to starting and developing a competitive Omaha mowing service. If you need more tips on how to take care of lawns and landscapes, then check out our blog page for more information. It can be tough to start but it is very rewarding work with some great opportunities. If you’re looking to work for yourself and still be able to make a very live-able wage then lawn care might just be your place. If you’re looking to get your lawn cut then head over to our quote page to get a price today!