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Omaha, Nebraska Lawn Services

from Gretna Lawn Care

Why do we love Omaha so much?

As Omaha natives, we definitely have a huge passion for the city. From the Pedestrian Bridge to the outskirts of Lake Zorinsky we love the ambiance of Omaha as a whole. We are so blessed to be able to go out and service the wonderful people of the city where we first started. And even though Omaha might not be our namesake, it is still our home.

Where do we service in Omaha?

For a general rule of thumb, we tend to stay west of 72nd street for all of our mowing services. Now when it comes to anything else including aerating, fertilizing, landscaping, or cleanups, we will go throughout the city to get your job done. If you have any questions about where we go or what we do, contact us!

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Whereas most companies don’t have much pride in their hometowns, we are different. We make sure to take care of the locals in all three of our supported locations by offering affordable and negotiable pricing. Do not be afraid to ask if a price can change, we promise you will always be met with a friendly crew member ready to help you figure out whatever you need. We always make time for our clients as well and make sure that each and every one of our clients gets the time they deserve. We are always here to help with any issue you may come across.

What makes Omaha special to this lawn service company?

Another thing we believe makes Omaha special is the diversity in the architecture and yard types throughout the city.

This is why we take such pride in our work, we really do want to help brighten up all of our serviced areas with a clean-cut and a fresh edge. A good-looking lawn can really tie a whole property together, and if you do enough, it can help tie the whole city together. Obviously, we won’t be able to do every yard in Omaha, but we are still grateful for the small difference we can make. 

We want to ensure that all residents of Omaha will have the opportunity to have quality lawn care. We want to make sure that you won’t have to worry about your lawn during the weekends so you can make it down to the Husker game, or grab a bite to eat at Mama’s Pizza. We really do enjoy being in and around the community and it is a huge part of how we run our business. We believe that the client comes first and that has been what has separated us from the competition.

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Looking for an Omaha lawn service?

No yard is too small and no complaint goes unnoticed, so please consider us for your next yard project that needs to be done quickly, professionally, and affordably.