At Gretna Lawn Care we have mastered providing quality lawn care in Omaha, Elkhorn, and Gretna over the last several years. We use a simple and consistent formula to ensure we can provide a great looking lawn week in and week out. It can be a difficult task trying to keep your lawn looking lush and green throughout the season without breaking the bank. But here at Gretna Lawn Care, we strive to provide great-looking lawns to all of our supported areas throughout the entire season. Here is how we do it:


How do we provide affordable pricing? Well, we do a couple of things to make sure we are providing affordable and quality lawn care in Omaha. To start, we do our best to maximize our efficiency by keeping our routes dense, working on our own equipment, and keeping up with employees. Unlike some other commercial lawn companies in Gretna, Elkhorn, and Omaha, we truly care about every lawn and every client. We also are a smaller company which allows us to keep our prices lower than most of the larger companies in the area. Here at Gretna Lawn care we want to focus on being able to provide services to everyone without budget being an issue. This is just another way we provide quality lawn care in Omaha.

Did you know if you cut your grass short, you could be short-changing your lawn. Longer grass allows the growth of longer roots, which can reach down for moisture even on hot, dry days.


What makes us quality? Well, we keep a pretty high standard for ourselves. In the landscaping industry, it is a time equals money business. So it can be tempting to try to run through lawns and not worry about the quality of the cut. But providing quality lawn care in Omaha is all about the details. Sharp edges and perfect stripes are our specialties. We keep our standards high by using top-shelf equipment and experienced workers to make for a perfect cut every week. We also pay attention to detail, if your are interested in learning about what we look for to make your lawn look flawless every time, then check out this article about how we take care of the little things. Striving to provide quality lawn care in Omaha at every visit is our mission.

Quality Lawn Care in Omaha

What sets us apart 

What makes us different from everyone else? Well, it’s simple really, we pair great-looking lawns with top-notch customer service. Quality lawn care in Omaha isn’t only about providing awesome cuts, but also about taking care of the client. Our staff members are professionals in everything they do and we take pride in the little things that make us different. Another thing that makes us specials is how young we are. Because of this, we can adjust and adapt our business to fit your accommodations, this is another thing that helps us provide quality lawn care in Omaha. So the next time your lawn care company blows you off or shows up a couple of days late, check us out, we promise to be different.

Leave it to us

Here at Gretna Lawn Care, we have ingrained our company’s culture in being professional in everything we do. We want to provide affordable, consistent, and quality lawn care in Omaha, and that is exactly what we do. Other companies in the area may rush through your yard like you’re just another name on the list. But here at Gretna Lawn Care we vow to take our time and get the job done right week after week. So if you need a new service or are looking to get one for the first time, then give us a shot, we won’t disappoint. If you are interested in getting in contact with one of our awesome staff members, then check out our insta-quote!